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Nu’u Yavi: Oaxacan Food Fest

In the past 20 or so years, the cultural presence of Oaxaca in the San Joaquin Valley has become increasingly evident, particularly in Madera and Arvin (Kern County). Thousands of farmworkers have [...] Continue Reading

Searching for Lost Kinjo

It has always been known in Fresno as Chinatown, or the West Side, or the Other Side of the Tracks. But the fading facades of old buildings hide a rich history. If those old walls could talk, they [...] Continue Reading

Hate Crimes Difficult to Convict

An increasing number of hate crimes are being reported in California, but convictions continue to remain low, said California Attorney General Rob Bonta. At the April 6 United Against Hate summit [...] Continue Reading

Cuba: Saving the Culture

Fidel Castro said, “Lo primero que hay que salvar es la cultura (The first thing to save is culture).” He was speaking at the beginning of the Special Period, the time when Cuba lost more than 80% of [...] Continue Reading