Let’s Promote Businesses That Treat People Well

Let’s Promote Businesses That Treat People Well
I. smiley G. Calderon, Community Alliance advertising director, was the emcee for the event.

Last month, I wrote about an awful experience that I had at a popular local restaurant, and from multiple responses to my letter, it looks like I’m not the only one who has experienced such distasteful and rude treatment from the owner of that establishment.

That horrible ordeal got me thinking that we as a community need to highlight the great businesses and restaurants that are really doing it right here in the Valley.

So, as advertising director of the Community Alliance newspaper, I would like to invite our readers to place an ad in our paper to highlight their businesses or to support one of their favorite businesses.

Instead of focusing on the negativity of a bad owner and his business, I want to promote the good ones in our community and let our readers know that when they visit the businesses that we promote, not only will they be treated with dignity and respect as customers and clients but they can also be confident that their employees are treated decently as well.

I invite our readers in this appeal to make a positive difference in our community by promoting the good guys in our publication so we all can show them some love.


  • I. smiley G. Calderon

    I. smiley G. Calderon is a Gen X Southern California Chicano now living in the Central Valley. A lifelong educator who spent a career in academia, he believes in building individual and collective human capital through the accessible application of education. Contact him at smileygcalderon@gmail.com.

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Gene Richards
Gene Richards
1 year ago

Thanks for offering that – it sounds like a very good idea. In my experience, you can tell a lot about a place by the ‘attitude’ of the employees, and I always make a note of this to myself, AND use it to judge whether or not to return. As a case in point, The staff at Trader Joe’s in north Fresno are very helpful and friendly, I’ve found. When I asked on of the cashiers about this, he said the bosses treated them well. Of course! On the other hand, many places are…lackluster at best – ok for food but perfunctory or even sullen staff – too bad. Case in point for this is the few Deli Delicious here – even when I tried to complain to the central number, they claimed they couldn’t give feedback to any individual restaurant as they were independently owned! That is pure nonsense – you know that any business that cared about how it was treating customers would be immediately interested in your feedback and do whatever was necessary to win you back. Am I right?

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