The Pachamama Alliance

The Pachamama Alliance
Julia Cantu shares ideas at a Pachamama Alliance Gathering. Image by Richard D. Iyall, Cowlitz.


By Carolyn Murphy

With the world and its institutions appearing more unstable every day, it is difficult to find a place to focus our energies with any optimism. The Pachamama Alliance, founded as a response to a request by Achuar Tribe in Ecuador to help them protect their land from Western incursion, has evolved into a worldwide movement with over 200,000 members. Their message is that the old story, which began with the Industrial Revolution, is crumbling, and that we are now between stories. They are hopeful that the new story that is evolving will be environmentally sustainable, spiritually nourishing, and socially just.

The people who can help make that happen are us! The Fresno Pachamama Alliance Community presents an introduction to the Pachamama Alliance called “Awakening the Dreamer” on March 25, at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2672 E. Alluvial, Fresno. Refreshments will be served at 8:30, the symposium will begin at 9:00 and end at 1:00. Childcare is available on request. Suggested donation: $15.00. To register, go to  For information email or call 559-267-3152.


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