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More Than Ever, Independent Media Makes a Difference It’s no secret that the City and County of Fresno received millions of dollars to manage the homelessness problem. Yet, nothing happened, and [...] Continue Reading

Climate-Proofing Our Communities

“There is no later. This is later.”—The Road, Cormac McCarthy, RIP (1933–2023) The road to preparing communities for climate shocks is narrow and short. It has been mostly destroyed by market-based [...] Continue Reading

Measure C Rhymed 2022 with 2002

Shakespeare wrote in 1610, “What’s past is prologue.” Mark Twain observed 250 years later, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Both adages apply to last November’s failed effort to [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

The Whim of Nature and Conservatives The recent floods exposed a problem that nobody seems to want to talk about: the fragility of communities where workers, immigrants and low-income families [...] Continue Reading

Again! Again! Again!

How many more shootings must we have before this nation comes to its senses? Actually, the question should be addressed to legislators, particularly those of Congress. Many polls indicate that the [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

City and County Leadership? One wonders what is wrong with Fresno—with the “leaders” of the city and the county. The City of Fresno closed its three warming centers on the morning of March 21 in [...] Continue Reading

United We Don’t Stand

“United We Stand” has long been a heralded phrase in the United States, but currently it describes anything but the condition of our country. We lose that feeling at our peril. Make no mistake. [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

A Dysfunctional Congress The House of Representatives finally has a Speaker. Kevin McCarthy achieved his dream after a long and tedious voting marathon—15 votes. Yes, 15 times. McCarthy was blocked [...] Continue Reading

Identity Politics Trump Climate Crisis

It’s 2023. Do you know where your climate solutions are? Between the climate change doomer camp of all-is-lost fatalism and the boomer tribe’s false promise of win-win solutions lies a path to [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Our First Edition of 2023 Welcome to the first edition of the Community Alliance newspaper in 2023. After a successful fundraising event in early December, we are moving into the new year with [...] Continue Reading

Climate Quest Begins Anew

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”—Bilbo Baggins As American democracy slips further into a darkness that [...] Continue Reading