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Fresno Area Chapter ACLU

On January 27, we finally had our day in court. People still remember the televised video of the beating of Glen Beaty, a homeless man, on February 9, 2009. On February 24, 2009, the ACLU faxed, [...] Continue Reading

Progressive News Briefs

Fresno Police Officers Beat Homeless Man In February 2009, Fresno police officers Jeff Gross and Scott Payn were caught on videotape beating Glen Beaty. Beaty, who was homeless at the time, had been [...] Continue Reading

Grass Roots Profile: Meet Steve Malm

These profiles are intended to give recognition to some of the individuals who make important contributions to our progressive community and to illustrate the numerous forms their service can take. [...] Continue Reading

The ACLU Goes Back to School

The Golden Westside Planning Committee and others in southwest Fresno asked the Fresno Area American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Board to support community efforts to build a new neighborhood middle [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Filmmaking Guerrilla-Style

If you’re a local filmmaker and thought it safe to make a film without the City of Fresno’s official approval––even on private property with the owner’s permission––think again. At least that’s what [...] Continue Reading