Support for ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ grows

Support for ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ grows
Henry Lopez, an eligibility worker in SEIU Local 21, prepares a car for the Caravan

Text and Photos by Peter Maiden

Despite high heat and smoke from wildfires, drivers turned out for a Caravan to Commit to Equity Monday, August 24th. Around a dozen cars went from the Caltrain Station to City Hall and other downtown locations. Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula and State Senator Melissa Hurtado were called out through this protest to support AB 2088, the “Wealth Tax” and AB 1253, the “Millionaire’s Tax.” These tax increases could pay for the safety net needed by working people in the current crisis.

Bryan Bobbitt, “the sign guy,” with his truck. He prints campaign signs for the Democratic Party.

Josefa Vega, a spokesperson for Mi Familia Vota (My Family Votes), told the Community Alliance: “I’m out here to support working-class people here in California, by supporting the wealth tax and millionaire’s tax. That’s taking a stand against those billionaires and finally requiring them to pay their fair share so that money can go to us for the first time. In the 2008 recession we saw a lot of safety nets [lost] and ultimately working-class people were being impacted by cuts while millionaires and billionaires were left to flourish and continue to increase their wealth. We’ve seen the same thing happen during these last four months during the pandemic. That’s unjust and it’s time for that to end so finally they can pay their fair share at the very least.”

Catt Rivera, left, assists Kesha, 8 years old, in printing slogans on a car window for the Caravan.
Darwin Duncan drives the lead car as the Caravan takes off to drive around downtown.


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