Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner

Richard’s Soliloquy (Blank Verse Poem)

Sometimes I feel I just cannot go on.

I want to stop and let my spirit be.

The forces in this world want more and more.

They make demands upon my very soul.

So, where’s the freedom in this life of mine?

I do my best, and yet, it’s not enough.

There’s so much that I feel that I must do,

I wonder if I’m going to make it through.

I get so stressed from centralized control

that takes from life until there’s nothing left.

The government is, yes, the worst of all.

They take and watch and listen to our words,

recording everything we say and do.

They strive to censor independent thought,

then try to make us think they know what’s best.

Yet underneath it all they’re nothing more

than tyrants trying to win our hearts and minds.

They use the media so well. They lead 

the masses with their empty promises,

deceiving people with hypnotic ways.

Their use of politics is shrewd. They clamp

on weaknesses with laws that grab and claw

at people like a giant steel trap. 

They pass more laws unread. As long 

as they enslave us more with their control

they care not what the details are. They try

to make us all forget the laws endowed 

to us by God. Our health care choices are

for us to choose; not them. Intelligent 

Design is found in nature more than drugs.

So, let the system fail, as it is flawed

when sacred rights are swept aside. The end

result is very bad, but worse for those

who blindly trust their lies and follow them. 

So, if I want to really find my peace,

I’ll have to find it looking from within.


  • Richard D. Iyall

    Richard D. Iyall is a member of the of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe of Longview, WA and a citizen of the United States. He has lived in Fresno, CA since 1957. He has written and done photography for the Community Alliance Newspaper. riyall1@my.scccd.edu.

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Esther Bonneville
Esther Bonneville
2 years ago

Beautiful words , Richard .

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