New Radio Show: Keeping It Real with Dr. Jean Kennedy

New Radio Show: Keeping It Real with Dr. Jean Kennedy
Jean Kennedy

By Jean Kennedy

Dr. Jean Kennedy is the host and producer of Keeping It Real, a radio show that comes to our community on KFCF-FM 88.1 on the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Dr. Kennedy is a behavioral scientist and serves her community as an organizational psychologist consultant and faculty by day, and by night she is a radio host.

Fresno has been her home for the past 30-plus years. She is a proud immigrant, born in Jamaica, raised and educated in England before making the United States her home.

She has been with KFCF for the past three years and is excited to launch this new signature radio show. Dr. Kennedy produced the original show Health Comes at Premium, Let’s Talk, which dealt with psychosocial issues affecting our day-to-day quality of life. Now she has designed a new show called Keeping It Real with Dr. Jean Kennedy.

This show will take you to another level on a number of exciting topics. The show blends college life and real life experiences. “My show’s format is like me inviting you into my living room where you can take off your shoes and enjoy my company. I guarantee that my listening audience will be enlightened and gain insight through the rich discussion topics on this talk show.

“Furthermore, you can tune into any part of my show and become engaged very quickly. My talk show is internally designed this way because a two-hour talk show might be long for those who cannot stay connected to their radios for two hours such as those individuals at a job site or those persons in a lockdown facility.”

The show has been described as a virtual classroom. Dr. Kennedy is committed to educating her audience from the grassroots up and lends her voice to the voiceless. This is why she felt the need to expand her radio format and call it Keeping It Real with Dr. Jean Kennedy.

The show can be streamed live and is, in fact, building a strong following via computer streaming. Visit

Dr. Kennedy’s show is engaged in the community and has developed and is spearheading several innovative community projects such as The Homeless water project and the Soup and Soap giveaway street project for the homeless. In addition, Keeping It Real will co-sponsor community projects with other organizations and those partnerships will be posted on the Keeping It Real Facebook page for wider visibility and promotion.

Dr. Kennedy has put a talented team together for her new show. The team includes Bro. King Tutmosis (aka Karton Brown) Bro. Tut is responsible for helping to promote the show to the college population and the community at large. We call him the “Man on the Street.” Bro Tut is currently serving as Fresno City College’s (FCC) student body legislative vice president, a photographer for the school newspaper, The Rampage, and coordinates the Community Gardens at the Mary Ella Brown Center (formerly the Ivy Center). The gardens aid the community with mental health workshops.

Jewell Riversmith is the show’s board engineer. She is a Bay Area native happily transplanted in Fresno since 2002. When she is not engineering for our show, she enjoys singing and entertaining special groups or making reservations for facilities at the FCC campus.

Julius Chatton is our youth host, and he focuses his efforts around our college segment. Chatton is a freelance writer and has his pulse on what is happening to our young adults in today’s environment and the many challenges in their day-to-day school lives. He is responsible for our Facebook page and other social networking. Chatton has a light fun side to him, and you can learn more about him on his Facebook page.

Willo Green lends his efforts to find stories from the community and on local issues. Green brings a warm sensitive personality to our show and uses his age to guide the wisdom of life’s experiences.

With this winning team, the listening audience can only expect great and wonderful things from my new show, Keeping It Real with Dr. Jean Kennedy.


Dr. Jean Kennedy is an organizational psychologist consultant and a faculty instructor, as well as a radio host. Contact her at



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