Daniel O’Connell, co-author of the book In the Struggle: Scholars and the Fight Against Industrial Agribusiness in California. Photo by Peter Maiden

New Book Explores Scholars’ Fight Against Industrial Agribusiness

The day is July 13. You can be part of the official launch of the book In the Struggle: Scholars and the Fight Against Industrial Agribusiness in California, co-authored by Daniel J. O’Connell, Central Valley Partnership’s executive director, and Scott J. Peters, Cornell University professor of global development.

In the book, eight scholars guide the reader through their research and experiences as they examine the effects of land consolidation and economic monopoly on the livelihood and well-being of rural communities in California over the last century. Their findings and testimonies are a damning indictment of the greed and corruption that flourish under California’s system of industrial agriculture.

As the saga unfolds, up to the present, the scholars’ work shifts from analyzing problems and formulating research methods to organizing resistance and building community power. We are reminded that contests over truth are wars of attrition and understand that the fight is not yet decided.

A book presentation will take place online on July 13 at 5:30 p.m. Register to join the event by visiting bit.ly/InTheStruggle. When you register, you will receive a discount code to purchase the book.



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