Letters to the Editor — August 2019 — Musick Creek Confluence Property

Letters to the Editor — August 2019 — Musick Creek Confluence Property

Musick Creek Confluence is purchasing 134 acres of forest land near Shaver Lake (we are in six-month escrow, with five months to go!). The price is small, the value is great. We have been caring for the land for almost 20 years, securing federal and state grants to protect the resource from neglect, fire, ecological imbalance, etc., while under the ownership of Sierra Music and Arts Institute.

Now, the SMAI is unloading this parcel and as a spin-off group, we wish to continue our research, education and preservation efforts. We feel that folks everywhere must effectively manage the carbon resources in our own backyard if humans are to survive.

We are asking for help in any way. Visit www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/musick-creek to help. Donations are tax-deductible. Write checks payable to Musick Creek Confluence, P.O. Box 17091, San Francisco, CA 94117.

A receipt and tax identification number will be provided as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational corporation. Please note that those who have a large sum to contribute may contact us directly to avoid third-party site fees. All the purchase amount will go to the seller, the SMAI, aka Sweet’s Mill, so contributions do double duty.

The place is stunning. I’d love for you to see and experience it. More info is found at the link to follow.

I want to mention before closing the nature of my own interest herein: It was a dream all my life to care for the forest. For the past few decades, working (myself, physically) on this land has been a fulfillment of this dream. If possible, I will continue to love the forest and work to protect and restore it and to bring folks of all ages to learn and benefit from this richness, hopefully until the day I drop and the wild things carry off my carcass!

Many other great things can happen here. I have always felt that if we care for the earth she will care for us. This is my experience. I hope it may be yours as well.

Many of the things we have learned should be shared globally as soon as possible. Thank you for any encouragement you can give us! We are so grateful for this chance. Loving the forest is its own reward!

Jemmy Bluestein



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