From the Editor — August 2019

From the Editor — August 2019

Dear Reader,

Thanks in large part to your consistent and tremendous support to keeping free speech alive, the Community Alliance has survived and is back on the road to thriving. In this edition alone, we have access to read about a variety of issues affecting hundreds of thousands of Central Valley residents.

From special interests putting profit over human health to callous policies playing a role in the death of a baby in Fresno, we are able to find out about otherwise unreported truths that affect ourselves and the most vulnerable among us. To add to the uniqueness of our newspaper, we get to read this reporting from the very people who dedicate their lives to making positive change in the Central Valley.

That is because for more than 20 years the Community Alliance has linked through its print edition, and a growing online presence, a diverse network of activists working in our community. We hope that in this edition, and many more, you can find the truth that is meaningful to you and inspires you to continue creating change or pushes you to get involved.

No matter how big or how small, we all have the ability to do one thing each day that will contribute to creating a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations. Please donate today to ensure we can keep printing the Community Alliance and exposing the issues that need to be heard by all of us who live, work and play here in our Central Valley.

You may send your donation via mail payable to Community Alliance, P.O. Box 5077, Fresno, CA 93755. To subscribe, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and mail it into the address provided. You can also subscribe or donate online at

Thank you for making another great edition of the Community Alliance happen.

Elsa Mejía


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