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Measure C Rhymed 2022 with 2002

Shakespeare wrote in 1610, “What’s past is prologue.” Mark Twain observed 250 years later, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Both adages apply to last November’s failed effort to [...] Continue Reading

Progressive, Local/Independent News

The May 2023 Issue of the Community Alliance is now online You can read the print version of the paper at the link below. This is a .pdf of the May 2023 Community Alliance newspaper. There are [...] Continue Reading

Last Chance CSU Fresno

In a fall football classic more suited to a Netflix season finale than Election Day, Fresno State pigskin boosters fumbled their Measure E sales tax proposal and took a classic fall in November. But [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor

About Your “Prison Gladiator Fights” Article Reader comments regarding “California Prison Gladiator Fights, Again!” (March 2023 issue): First of all, that was a really good article. You covered [...] Continue Reading

Interfaith Climate Summit

By Magdalena Wenger There is a connection between humans and the natural world; faith can help us to see this connection in new and deeper ways. Many religions and spiritualities share a common [...] Continue Reading

What’s in a Climate Name?

Last Chance Alliance, 11th Hour Project, Third Act—get the message? Time’s up. The remaining question is: Can you handle the radical prescription necessary for humanity’s survival? Apparently not, [...] Continue Reading