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Not Rocket Science

The solution to the immigration problem, if we really want to solve it, is not rocket science. If the immigration problem is caused by political and economic oppression in other countries, America can and should use its overt and covert influences to fix those countries rather than support the oppressive regimes that are squeezing their population out and up to us.

Ah…but we know that the dictatorships and cartels in those nations like things the way they are. Those who are unhappy find it less dangerous to leave and chance being turned back at our border than to risk prison time or a firing squad at home.

Corporations here use the constant flow of these desperate millions to keep wages low and demands with unionization out of the discussion. It’s the same people in both places. A national minimum wage here that was a living wage would end wage undercutting.

Kamala Harris made one trip to the countries south of us to broach the subject of reform. It was a disaster because we publicly announced our intention to interfere.

She came back with her tail between her legs and a clear message to leave it alone. Perhaps a more concerted effort, a true aggressive long-term policy of influencing these countries with trade sanctions, tariff deals that helped them, and covert support of progressive parties (rather than the oppressive ones, as we do now) would yield some results.

The “accidental demise” of dictators such as Marcos would serve to soften conditions in those countries. Raise the minimum wage, encourage free and fair elections, and allow unions.

Dr. Joel Eis
Point Richmond


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