I Am a Little Froggie Sitting in a Pot

I Am a Little Froggie Sitting in a Pot
Photo by James Lee courtesy of The Commons

By Richard D. Iyall

I am a little froggie sitting in a pot.

I’m doing nothing wrong, so why’s it so hot?

I wear a mask over most of my face.

I took the jab. It’s such a disgrace.

The water’s getting hotter. But what do I care?

I do what I’m told. There’s nothing to fear.

If it gets too hot, they’ll surely turn it down.

They’ll take care of me. My skin’s turning brown!

I’m feeling kind of dizzy, but where would I go?

They might bring a ladder. Maybe it will snow.

My legs are getting weaker. Can I still jump?

If I just wait, I’ll get over this hump.

I see a person coming to rescue me.

They’ll surely pull me out so I can be free.

But wait! It’s getting hotter than ever before.

If I stay here, I’ll cook to the core.

They’ve got a lid in one hand, in the other something sharp.

Do I hear music playing? Could that be a harp?

Okay, mighty legs, give it all that you’ve got!

By paying attention I have learned a lot.

The future would be dim to stay in this pot.

I still have my freedom. I see a fly…Zot!

I’m feeling more energy thanks to that fly.

With one big jump, I can say goodbye!

One leap for my freedom! One leap for my life!

One leap for existence out of this strife!

I don’t know my future or where I might land.

I might find a beach and rest in the sand.

Come on, mighty legs, jump out if you can!

It’s time to move on to a better plan.

Jump! Jump! Jump out of here!

Jump! Jump! Jump ’til you’re clear!


My legs have come through for me. I am still alive.

It was getting so hot. I now can survive!

I owe my life to a tasty housefly.

I still have my freedom. I think I could cry.

With that, this story ends. So, to all, a goodbye.


Richard Iyall is a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe of Longview, Wash. He has lived in Fresno since 1957. He has written and done photography for the Community Alliance newspaper. Contact him at riyall1@my.scccd.edu.

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