Homeless Accuses Police of Violence


I would like to file a lawsuit against the City of Fresno for violating my civil and human rights. My wife and I are homeless, and this is what we are up against as police officers are making our lives a living hell.

The police have taken our property (money, clothes, blankets, medicine and even my wife’s dentures). They threaten us with arrest if we mention our Constitutional rights.

In retaliation for a complaint we made about this mistreatment to Internal Affairs, they threatened to take our dogs away. When I asked an officer for his name and badge number, he told me he was out of cards. By the way, they had removed their video cameras when they talked to us and I think they are supposed to be using them all the time.

When I asked the officer from the homeless task force why they did not save any of our property so we could reclaim it later, we were threatened with arrest.

I feel like the police would just as soon we died so we would be out of their way. I would like to know if there is an attorney in this community that is willing to stand up for our human rights. If so, please call me at 559-721-8445.

John Solomonian


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