Community Alliance Inspires Activist


As I read the articles in Fresno’s Community Alliance newspaper, I must stop and take a minute to truly talk about what I feel.

The coverage of the breadth of political activism in Fresno is inspiring. The articles and pictures breathe a sense of vitality into progressive politics stories that I have rarely or ever seen anyplace. The paper does not flag wave; it credits the subjects and personalities in the articles with courage and importance.

The coverage is thorough and encouraging to the reader to get involved.The Alliance is a virtual engine for getting the reader to feel there is a place to join the march, sign the petition, send the check, cast the vote.

As a four-time book-published author on theater and politics, and dozens of articles, plays and short stories, I will say unequivocally that the story on the history of Fresno cop corruption is, in my opinion, Pulitzer material.

Joel D. Eis, MFA
Former organizer for the Fresno Draft Resistance/farmworkers’ movement


  • Community Alliance

    The Community Alliance is a monthly newspaper that has been published in Fresno, California, since 1996. The purpose of the newspaper is to help build a progressive movement for social and economic justice.

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