Fresno Brown Berets present “Fire Dyer!” petitions to City Council

Fresno Brown Berets present “Fire Dyer!” petitions to City Council
Ernesto Saavedra

The Brown Berets and supporters protested in front of City Hall on August 19 demanding the termination of Police Chief Jerry Dyer. They then presented the “Fire Dyer!” petitions with 875 signatures of concerned community members demanding that the Fresno Police Department’s corrupt leadership be removed as well as other police accountability reforms such as drug testing

Fresno City Council President Larry Westerlund’s response was that he thinks Dyer is doing a “fabulous” job. This from the man who has declared war against the homeless with his median ban. The Council represents the interests of the “haves” and not those of the people. The Brown Berets went to City Hall to put it on the record, there is no faith in our “representatives.”

Petition to Fire Police Chief Jerry Dyer

We, the undersigned, do not support the racist/classist and unconstitutional tactics of Chief Dyer. We want community-based policing, an emphasis on PREVENTING crime, rather than reactionary policing and:

In instances of police shootings or brutality, release to the public relevant surveillance footage and 911 calls.

Drug test all officers in officer-involved shootings. We demand the cases be treated as if a public member had committed the shooting.

Officers in officer-involved shootings should be placed on administrative duty not paid leave.

Stop making statements that appear to predetermine the outcome of the investigation or influence public opinion. We have a constitutional right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

FPD’s Internal Affairs must thoroughly review officer-involved shootings even if no citizen complaint is filed and also implement the complaint procedure when a family files a claim against the City for police brutality.

Redesign the Office of Independent Review with some actual teeth! We need an EFFECTIVE OIR, not a facade!

Prepare an annual report detailing the work of the Officer Involved Shooting Review panel and any new recommendation/policies or findings, make available to the public on its Web site.

The City of Fresno should reestablish a human relations commission with the power to call a town hall meeting immediately after an officer-involved shooting. FPD must ensure it will participate in public forums.


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