End the War

End the War

So that
U.S military deaths are decreased
6,392 in Iraq and Afghanistan
and Civilian deaths are decreased.
869,720 in Iraq and Afghanistan

So that
The Pentagon budget is decreased.
Current Pentagon budget:
$663.8 billion for fiscal 2010
$1.9 billion a day
$13.2 billion a week
$2,103.73 per person per year

So that
Resources are made available to Main Street.
So that
107,000 homeless veterans are cared for.
The 14.9 million unemployed find employment.
Health services are accessible to all.
Continuing education is available to all.
Hunger suffered by 58 million is reduced.
Home foreclosures of more than 300,000 are reduced.
Homelessness is reduced.
Crime is reduced.
Global warming is addressed.

So that
We are a living testament to the benefits of democracy:
government of the people, for the people and by the people

The peace community needs to

  • Link the peace movement to social justice—employment, health reform, homelessness, education, hunger, crime, global warming, etc.
  • Take daily headline issues such as health reform and point out that with a reduced military budget we can easily save the funds needed to provide health insurance for children.
  • Bring it home; in Fresno County, there are some 26,000 children 0 to 18 years old without any health insurance. It would cost $965 a year per child to get them medical, dental and vision insurance.
  • Link it to the war; It would cost $25,090,000 to provide health coverage to all children in Fresno County for a year—equal to 0.003% of the current annual Pentagon budget.

Peace Community in Dialog on 9/11

You are invited to enter a dialogue with others locally who oppose the current wars and are seeking effective action to end them and bring the troops home. We will meet on Saturday, September 11, 4 p.m.–7 p.m., at the Unitarian Universalist Church (2672 E. Alluvial Ave., Clovis). The meeting will be led by a respected facilitator, Jackie Ryle. Co-sponsors are Peace Fresno, the Fresno Center for Nonviolence, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and the Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Committee. Reserve your seat at this Peace Community Meeting and Dinner for $10. Send your check payable to “Peace Fresno,” P.O. Box 5115, Fresno, CA 93755; please write “PEACE DINNER” and the names of the attendees on the memo line. For more information, call 559-276- 2592 or visit www.peacefresno.org.


  • Community Alliance

    The Community Alliance is a monthly newspaper that has been published in Fresno, California, since 1996. The purpose of the newspaper is to help build a progressive movement for social and economic justice.

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