Central Valley Fuego Seeking Victories

Central Valley Fuego Seeking Victories
Fuego FC number 13, Francois Dulysse, hugs his teammates after a goal he scored put the Central Valley team up 3-2 over Forward Madison on Aug. 26. Photo by Peter Maiden

On Aug. 26, Central Valley Fuego played Forward Madison (Wisconsin) at the home stadium. Christian Chaney, an excellent player who was on the Fuego squad last year, and with the Fresno Foxes before that, is now playing with Forward Madison. As an opponent, Chaney gave a brilliant performance, successfully putting away a penalty kick, and then, in the 83rd minute, scoring the goal that tied the game 4-4. Early in the second half, Forward Madison lost a player to a red card, but Fuego FC didn’t seize the advantage.

There have been three games this season between Central Valley Fuego and the Northern Colorado Hailstorm. These games are informally known as the “Ice and Fire Cup.” Unfortunately for Fuego fans, Fuego lost all three, the last being played on Sept. 16. In that game, again, the opposing team suffered a red card in the second half, but they were not deterred. The final score was Fuego 0, Hailstorm 2. After that loss, Fuego FC was last in the USL1 league standings.

One more home game is scheduled this season at the Fresno State Soccer Stadium. It will be against Greenville Triumph SC on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. For more information, visit fuegofc.com.


  • Peter Maiden

    Peter Maiden is the photo editor for the Community Alliance newspaper. He studied media at UC Berkeley. Contact him at maidenfoto1@gmail.com.

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