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Honoring Ana Belén Montes

Ana Belén Montes was released on parole Jan. 8 after more than 20 years in U.S. prisons. She was convicted of espionage. Her actions were motivated by conscience and were uncoerced and unpaid. She [...] Continue Reading

The Woman King

While I was doing doctoral studies on the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its impact on African kingdoms in West Africa, it never crossed my mind that Hollywood would produce a film on this topic. [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Back to the Dark Ages: Roe v. Wade Overturned On June 24, the Supreme Court produced its much anticipated ruling banning women’s rights to access a safe abortion, upending the landmark Roe v. [...] Continue Reading

Madera Candidate Denounces Witches

Mark Reed, who is a candidate for Eastern Madera’s 5th District supervisor, mailed thousands of mailers with inflammatory language, explicitly naming 5 local women, including their first and last [...] Continue Reading

Women’s Fight for Rights, Dignity

Almost 50 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that women had the fundamental right of choice when it came to having an abortion. Abortions were not always illegal; in fact, the first state to impose a [...] Continue Reading