The Passing of Activist Vickie Fouts


Vickie Fouts, a well-respected and committed local activist, passed away on May 23, “very peacefully with her teddy bear, my brother Preston and I at her side,” wrote her daughter, Natasha Fouts, on Facebook.

“A friend recently posted that a good way to judge a person is to look at their kids,” added Natasha. “Our mom raised two great kids. She taught us to work hard and be kind. She was a very proud Cal Fire mom.

“She loved her family, friends, garden, Facebook and fighting for social justice. She was stubborn and could be ornery, and we loved her just the way she was.

Vickie was a board member of the radio station KFCF 88.1 FM and the Community Alliance newspaper. She was

also involved in local organizations such as the Pan Valley Institute.

Comments from some of her friends:

“She worked to make the world a better place. Very sorry to hear she’s not here anymore.”—Nancy Waidtlow 

“Vickie’s voice is still with us, and its impact on the work continues to inspire and support the fight for social justice!”—Kevin Duff Hamilton 

“Sorry to hear of her passing. Always a passionate voice for justice and never afraid to speak out.”—Chris Schneider

Vickie was a passionate voice for justice. She participated in demonstrations in support of our freedom and democracy, and against wars and power abuses.

She will be missed.



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