From the Editor

From the Editor
Eduardo Stanley

A Dysfunctional Congress

The House of Representatives finally has a Speaker. Kevin McCarthy achieved his dream after a long and tedious voting marathon—15 votes. Yes, 15 times. McCarthy was blocked by a handful of extreme right-wing Republicans who wanted more concessions from McCarthy if he wanted their votes. So the Bakersfield representative knelt and promised to obey these fanatics to get the position.

Among other concessions, McCarthy placed many of these fanatics on key Congressional committees, which besides being dangerous is a complete lack of respect for the citizens at large because the fanatics don’t even qualify as “intelligent” people.

You want your reps to be intelligent and to work in Congress for the common good of our society. Instead, we got several irrational people whose main agenda is to impose their delusion of a robbed election (of 2020, when Donald Trump lost by 8 million votes), impose more Jim Crow laws to deter minorities from voting, attack women’s rights and block every initiative coming from the White House unless it pleases their own agendas.

So much for “bipartisan” work.

The next two years we’ll see a dysfunctional Congress and hope for better electoral outcomes in 2024.

McCarthy conceded to a group of fanatics who in fact kidnapped Congress and the country. This is the most anti-democratic process in modern history.

We have to work to reverse this situation. After all, the next elections are around the corner.

Till next month.


  • Eduardo Stanley

    Eduardo Stanley is the editor of the Community Alliance newspaper, a freelance journalist for several Latino media outlets and a Spanish-language radio show host at KFCF in Fresno. He is also a photographer. To learn more about his work, visit

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