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Tulare Lake Lives!

Imagine the largest lake west of the Mississippi on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. About 200 years ago, you could see flocks of birds arriving that were as loud as a freight train. Turtles, [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Goes Viral

This May, Fresno went viral. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for one of Fresno’s better moments. It was unusual to see the #559 hashtag blow up as multiple videos on TikTok had millions of views and [...] Continue Reading

False Narrative of Affirmative Action

While teaching at Binghamton University in New York for a number of years and at Fresno State for more than 30 years, the author served on admissions committees at both institutions and was struck at [...] Continue Reading

Celebrating Juneteenth in Madera

BY JOHN TIPTON About 100 people, including many local officials, turned out on June 19 for the third annual Juneteenth celebration at Courthouse Park in Madera. Black Saints United and the City of [...] Continue Reading

Fresno se Vuelve Viral

Este mes de Mayo, Fresno se volvió viral, pero lamentablemente no fue uno de sus mejores momentos. Es inusual ver el hashtag #559 en varios videos en Tiktok (TT) explotando con millones de visitas y [...] Continue Reading

Opportunity for a High School in Huron

A high school in Huron would be a huge improvement in the lives of students and the community. No longer would students have to get up before the sun rises and miss extracurricular activities to take [...] Continue Reading

The Invisibility of Asians in America

The Asian American community is one of the oldest in the United States, yet they are still viewed as “foreigners” by many Americans. “Discrimination has always shaped us,” said Dr. Russell Jeung, [...] Continue Reading

Racism Is a Virus

When we look at the violence constantly inflicted upon marginalized groups, we have to understand our part. People mistakenly think there are two roles: the perpetrator and the victim. But that isn’t [...] Continue Reading