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On the Edge

Just as we began to relax with the pandemic moving along, we received a rude awakening from Europe once again. This time, it is Russia further intruding into Ukraine beyond the southeastern provinces [...] Continue Reading

A World in Turmoil

Is war inevitable? At this moment in time? Or always ongoing with us humans? Just one century since “the war to end all wars” we are again on the brink. To be sure, we have not exactly had all peace [...] Continue Reading

Opinion and Analysis

Where Hope Prevails While not without its own disappointments and heartbreak, the Olympics have provided us with needed distraction. Watching the clean young faces in dress representing the home [...] Continue Reading

Can We Recover?

Can we recover from the discord, the suspicion, the anger, the fear and such now suffocating our society? We must! But how? How can we restore the meaning of democracy? It’s pandemic. It’s a [...] Continue Reading

Troubling Contradictions

By Ruth Gadebusch Try as I might, I simply can’t understand so many of the right wing’s inconsistent stands. Calling themselves pro life, nowhere is contradiction more true than in their [...] Continue Reading

Neither Rhyme nor Reason

By Ruth Gadebusch How did science get to be held in such low esteem in this nation? I’m not referring to someone on the street with little or no opportunity to be exposed to science as believers [...] Continue Reading

Both Good and Evil

As we busy ourselves in our attempts to cleanse history by stripping street signs, changing school names and knocking down statues, we had best pause and think how future generations will judge our [...] Continue Reading

A Troubled Nation

A troubled nation is a nation in trouble. History tells us that all great empires fall sooner or later. Is it our turn? We are not doing a good job respecting each other and the structure created to [...] Continue Reading

September 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: Drug Wars in FresnoCan Labor Get Out of This Mess?Community Alliance Writer Put in Solitary ConfinementLetters to the EditorDolores Huerta to Speak in FresnoWorking Against the Death [...] Continue Reading

August 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: Thirsty Down in Nobama CountyLethal InjectionZip Gun IIWater: Think Food SecurityGrassroots ProfileOrganizational Profile: Local MotionDr. Paul Dale BushReceives the 2009 [...] Continue Reading

July 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: San Francisco Mime Troupe Comes to Fresno The PR Firm from Hell Letters to the editor Progressive News Briefs Fresno Area ACLU Summer Camp on the San Joaquin [...] Continue Reading