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  • Ruth Gadebusch

    Ruth Gadebusch, a former naval officer, was recently recognized by the League of Women Voters with its Lipton Award for volunteer work in various community endeavors. She was elected four times to the Fresno Unified School District Board, appointed by Governor George Deukmejian to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and is an emeritus member of the Board of the Center for Civic Education.

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When All Hope Vanishes

When all hope vanishes, desperation and despair set in. That is the seed for an organization like Hamas. With all good intentions of atoning for its failure to protect the Jews from the Nazis in World [...] Continue Reading

Stop the Age Bashing

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit nine decades of age plus being well into the 10th influencing the following.  Growing up in the era of experience gained in age being honored and [...] Continue Reading

Lest We Forget

The need for a Black History Month (February) and likewise a Women’s History Month (March) is not that we forget, but that all too often the stories of these groups are unknown, having been ignored in [...] Continue Reading

Another Fresno Opportunity

A believer in a “downtown,” a heart of any city, I was overjoyed with the new dreams and plans for Chinatown. Then I remembered what happened to Fresno’s Fulton Mall. It was exciting, unique and [...] Continue Reading

A Mystery to Me

Try as I might I cannot comprehend the current political world: the state of public opinion, the blame for this direction, the drought of honesty and integrity of one party, the concern re diminished [...] Continue Reading

A Shameful Need

A  code of ethics for the judges of the Supreme Court of the United States should not be necessary, but obviously it is. Sooner rather than later. In fact, we don’t need a code to tell us there [...] Continue Reading

Again! Again! Again!

How many more shootings must we have before this nation comes to its senses? Actually, the question should be addressed to legislators, particularly those of Congress. Many polls indicate that the [...] Continue Reading

United We Don’t Stand

“United We Stand” has long been a heralded phrase in the United States, but currently it describes anything but the condition of our country. We lose that feeling at our peril. Make no mistake. [...] Continue Reading

No Laughing Matter

Tempting as it might be to enjoy the chaos of the Republicans’ election of Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House, it truly is no laughing matter. After all, once in the office he is supposedly second [...] Continue Reading

The World Is Burning

The planet is burning—figuratively, not literally. Although it is more literal than we like to admit. As we approach the anniversary of the unexpected attack on Pearl Harbor bringing us into that [...] Continue Reading