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Proposed Ballot Propositions

The following propositions (summarized herein) have been cleared by the Attorney General’s office for signature gathering. Many of these would be disastrous for our state. Read and review the complete [...] Continue Reading

Redistricting Update

  Redistricting efforts are moving forward at various levels of government, and draft maps are currently available. A brief window of opportunity remains for individuals to participate by [...] Continue Reading

California Budget Crisis

(Note: The data herein were taken from a number of public sources. Not all of these sources were in agreement on the specific cuts or the precise amounts of those cuts, but there is general agreement [...] Continue Reading

2010: The Massacre

The national narrative for the 2010 election is that President Barack Obama pushed his “left” agenda too aggressively and the people rebelled. Who makes up this stuff? Far from governing from the [...] Continue Reading

2010 Election Preview

The national narrative for the 2010 elections has been defined by the mainstream media as an impending success, perhaps even landslide, for Republicans, with the strong likelihood that the Republicans [...] Continue Reading

Primary Election Review

(Editor's note: The data reflected in this article was current as of June 16. The Registrar of Voters had not certified the election at that time, and votes were still being counted. The outcome of at [...] Continue Reading

October 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: Anti-War Demonstration to be Held in Mid. OctoberWhat Do You know about the Cuban Five?From the EditorLetters to the EditorProgressive News BriefsOutrage of the MonthTime for [...] Continue Reading

June 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: Fresno Is Ground Zero in Labor StruggleAre We All Socialists Now?Baucus' Raucous CaucusFrom the EditorProgressive News BriefsWill Changes in Democratic Leadership Affect the Central [...] Continue Reading

May 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: Why Immigrant Workers Will Fill the Streets this May DayRogue Prison Staff: Breaking all the Rules Readers Respond To Boston's Previous Article Guest Editorial about how to end [...] Continue Reading

March 2009

  IN THIS ISSUE: Community Groups Demand Police Accountability From the Editor Right Wing Politicians and Growers Attack Fresno Environmentalist Workers Wages Stolen: DA Refuses [...] Continue Reading