What’s News?

What’s News?
Image by Daniel R. Blume via Flickr Creative Commons

See your name in print! In this new feature, edited by Richard Stone, we will publish several reader-written responses to each month’s question. Responses should be no more than 150 words and sent to editor@fresnoalliance.com with the subject: What’s News? Please add a one-sentence personal blurb (contact info optional), and send the submission by June 15.

Please keep remarks general; do not specify individuals or particular addresses.

This month’s question is: What are the most challenging problems in your neighborhood? You may include efforts made to address the situation(s) and results, if any. Here is a fictitious sample:

In my neighborhood, a lot of the problems stem from rentals owned by overweight under-concerned absentee landlords. Beside the negative effects of transient tenants, there is no oversight and inadequate facilities. The result: noise, graffiti, children in the streets and ugly colors when they do paint. At least, we got some response from Code Enforcement when we called, thanks to help from Tenants Benighted. (Submitted by C.U. Incort, a 20-year resident of Olde Pfig Orchards and a roller derby enthusiast.)

To paraphrase Siskel and Ebert: See you at the inbox.



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