The Prison Press: Conversation with David Carpenter, aka “The Trailside Killer”

David Carpenter in a 1976 prison photograph.

By Boston Woodard

Editor’s note: This extraordinary interview of David Carpenter by prisoner/journalist Boston Woodard is remarkable, not only for its insight into this fascinating and ongoing story but also because of how difficult it is for the media even to talk to prisoners. It is virtually impossible to set up an appointment to speak with and interview any prisoner in California, let alone someone on Death Row. If you didn’t know better, you would think the CDCR did not want you to know what was going on inside the state prison system.

Boston Woodard
Boston Woodard
David Carpenter in a 1976 prison photograph.
David Carpenter in a 1976 prison photograph.

David Joseph Carpenter, 83, is one of the best-known prisoners on San Quentin’s Death Row. Since his conviction as the Trailside Killer three decades ago, he spends the better part of everyday writing letters and working on his complex legal case.

Carpenter, born in San Francisco on May 6, 1930, was convicted of 10 homicides committed in the late l970s and early 1980s.

“There are many [court] cases to research, and staying up with laws pertaining to my case is essential to my ongoing appeal,” said Carpenter. During the 30-minute interview, Carpenter picked up a long, handwritten letter from his bunk. “This letter is for my sister who will be 79 years old this year. We are very close,” he said.

Sitting at the end of his bunk, speaking through the heavily meshed screen covering the bars on his cell door, Carpenter said that he is a devout Catholic. He attends a service every week in the East Block section of Death Row. Carpenter said he has a great relationship with San Quentin’s priest Father George Williams and enjoys conversations with him often.

According to Father Williams, Carpenter “is a very devout, well-informed Catholic who attends all services provided to the men on his yard on Death Row. He is well liked by many of the guys and those who are in contact with him.”

“A few friends come to visit me, and I am extremely grateful to them,” Carpenter said. He receives visits about once a month. When he is not working on his legal case or writing letters, his favorite television stations are ABC’s Channel 7 and KQED Channel 9. He listens to both 1050 and 1140 AM Bay Area sports radio stations for daily updates on his favorite teams.

Carpenter is the oldest man on San Quentin’s Death Row and one of the oldest in the country; he has been on Death Row since 1984. “Despite my age. I’m relatively healthy. My medical issues are minor in comparison to others here [on Death Row] and I have them under control,” Carpenter insisted.

Carpenter also insisted that he is innocent of the murders of which he was convicted.

Authorities said Carpenter was the Trailside Killer based on his association with a young student. “They claimed I was the logical suspect. By then, everyone believed I was the Trailside Killer. It began because I was supposed to pick up Heather Scaggs on May 2, 1981, but I did not. That is why I became the logical suspect,” said Carpenter.

According to, “A DNA sample (from a 1979 case) obtained from the evidence was matched to Carpenter through state Department of Justice files. In February 2010, San Francisco police confirmed the match with a recently obtained sample from Carpenter.”

woodard-book-adCarpenter has committed many waking hours to poring over the details of his murder convictions. After 30 years, he said he knows the details by heart. His claims of innocence have been rejected at every level of the judicial system, but that does not stop him from protesting his innocence.

The trailside killings involved multiple victims on hiking trails near San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

“I was the logical suspect. Everyone was convinced I was the trailside killer long before I was charged with any of those murders. Even the investigators knew I was innocent.

“I was convicted by the media long before I was even found guilty of a crime,” he said. Carpenter pointed out that some investigators thought he might, in fact, be the Zodiac Killer, who was also active some years before and who was never caught. However, they later dropped that line of inquiry after handwriting and DNA analysis cleared him. Carpenter said this was proof that investigators had it in for him.

At this point during the interview, because of the din of San Quentin’s East Block Condemned Row, to better facilitate the interview, Carpenter scooted closer toward the front of his bunk in the small condemned cell to be heard more clearly.

Carpenter, who has a pronounced speech impediment, accommodated the interviewer, who sat cross-legged in front of his cell, #1-EB-l 14L, on San Quentin’s Death Row, at midday on June 18, 2013.

He was unyielding while making his argument about not being the “monster” as painted by the media. “For weeks, newspapers published stories about me, the supposed Trailside Killer,” said Carpenter.

On July 6, 1984, in Los Angeles County Carpenter was convicted of first-degree murder. The penalty phase jury found multiple “special circumstances” that warranted the death penalty.

Carpenter’s second trial involving a second group of victims began in San Diego in January 1988. In his Los Angeles trial, few witnesses were called to testify in his defense. Carpenter’s witness list had swelled to more than 30 in the San Diego trial.

Carpenter disagrees with accounts that he had no alibi during some of the murders. “Investigators said that if I did not have an alibi, then I must to be guilty. I produced credible alibis and they knew it. But even where there wasn’t an alibi, that does not make someone guilty.”

Prosecutors assert that Carpenter “offered carefully constructed alibis,” concluding that he had either “altered or that he’s been mistaken about some of the dates.” Carpenter said that prosecutors’ accounts of his alibis were “carefully twisted to sway the jury into believing my alibis were false.”

Carpenter himself took the stand, but in May that same year, he was convicted of five more murders. Just as the Los Angeles jury had done, the San Diego jury also recommended the death penalty.

His mantra is, “prosecutorial misconduct” or abuses by law enforcement.

Carpenter’s defense team, he said, “discovered that [the] jury forewoman, Barbara Durham, revealed she lied under oath” of her knowledge about Carpenter’s convictions in Los Angeles in 1984 for the Santa Cruz murders, a fact that he said prosecutors were aware of beforehand. A new trial was ordered by Appeals Court Judge Herbert Hoffman who said that, by law, he “had to order a new trial.”

The state Supreme Court, however, upheld the death penalty on two of the killings in 1997 and upheld Carpenter’s death penalty from his second trial in 1999. Six of seven judges agreed that Carpenter had a fair trial for the Marin County and Santa Cruz murders and had been sentenced appropriately.

On March 6, 1995, Carpenter was denied a new trial by the California Supreme Court in San Francisco, overturning Judge Hoffman’s order for a new trial. Justice Armand Arabian said it was “virtually impossible to keep secrets in such cases,” and he “believed that the forewoman’s knowledge had not unduly biased the jury.”

With just a few minutes left for the interview, Carpenter said he could not go into any further details due to his ongoing appeal and the advice of his attorneys.

To close the interview, Carpenter was asked, “If and when authorities ever catch the real Trailside Killer, what do you hope happens to that person?”

Carpenter’s response was, “I hope he gets a fair trial.”

Carpenter remains on Death Row in San Quentin pending the exhaustion of all his appeals, which he suspects might take up to four more years, and possible execution.

San Quentin’s Public Information Officer Lt. Sam Robinson said Carpenter “does what is expected of anyone in prison. Carpenter has been very compliant during the time he has spent on Death Row. He has not been a problem.”

Since 1978, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), 59 condemned prisoners in California have died from natural causes, 22 have committed suicide and 13 have been executed. There are 725 prisoners on Death Row in California. The last state-sanctioned execution carried out in California was in 2006, bringing the total to 13, all men.


Boston Woodard is a prisoner/journalist. He writes for the Community Alliance and the San Quentin News, has written for the Soledad Star and edited The Communicator. Boston is the author of Inside the Broken California Prison System, which is available at Learn more at Contact him at Boston Woodard, B-88207, 2-N-1O1, S.Q.S.P., San Quentin, CA 94974.

  • Oliver A. Mork

    I was a very good buddy of David before he became a killer in the late 40s and early fifties. I met him through folk dancing whish had a big increase at that time. We both went separate ways in the mid 50s when we got marriwe and gave up the folk dancing, We both had 3 children each.I had not heard from him until he almost killed the girl with a hammer in the SF Presidio. David was a true split personality. fun to be with and always laughing.There were rwo Zodiacs. one slender David and the other one a heavyset one who was the killer at Lake Berryessa in the famous hood.He has since passed away He wore Wing Walker shoes because he had formeerly been in the US Air Force.The main reason he has been eliminated as the Zodiac is because he was srill in prison at the time of the first Z, killing. Rhere was no male survivor of that early murder to describe the killer as there were in several later ones The girls always died.

  • Oliver A. Mork

    I was a very good buddy of David before he became a killer in the late 40s and early fifties. I met him through folk dancing whish had a big increase at that time. We both went separate ways in the mid 50s when we got marriwe and gave up the folk dancing, We both had 3 children each.I had not heard from him until he almost killed the girl with a hammer in the SF Presidio. David was a true split personality. fun to be with and always laughing.There were rwo Zodiacs. one slender David and the other one a heavyset one who was the killer at Lake Berryessa in the famous hood.He has since passed away He wore Wing Walker shoes because he had formeerly been in the US Air Force.The main reason he has been eliminated as the Zodiac is because he was srill in prison at the time of the first Z, killing. Rhere was no male survivor of that early murder to describe the killer as there were in several later ones The girls always died.

    • bob samms

      Too bad his mother didn’t drop him off of a high rise building

  • Lynn Berk

    This is such a fawning story it made me ill; put a halo on him, why don’t you? David Carpenter was convicted of being the Trailside Killer because he WAS the Trailside Killer–and by the way the only reference to the Zodiac killer came from Carpenter himself, when he was imprisoned early on and bragged to the other cons that he was the elusive killer. Nobody tried to pin that one on him, he did it himself. And please name for me ONE, just ONE, investigator who thought he was innocent. As Robert Graysmith writes so eloquently in “The Sleeping Lady,” even his own parole officer thought he was guilty. Carpenter is a chameleon who knows how to read people and how to react to them–and he learned,after his first spate of assaults, not to leave any witness behind. He’s viewed as a monster because that is exactly what he is. Don’t deify psychopaths; he manipulated you just as he manipulated everybody else in his life.

    • Liz W

      Thank you for sticking up for the victims. My cousin was one of those victims and had her whole life ahead of her and we all miss her. I was 14 yrs old when she (Heather Scaggs) was murdered. Our family tries to keep up with any news on his case since our Aunt Mary is gone. All of her family live in Indiana and I live in Tennessee. I just read this article today and am sending a copy to my mom. I still can’t believe he is still sitting in prison.

      • Megan Hetrovicz

        So very sorry to hear of your loss. How is Heather Scaggs family doing? Did Heather have any siblings?

        • Pamela W

          I was a school friend of Heather’s in Long Beach. She was a wonderful person. Always up and looking for the good in people. After school we would take her dog Scirocco and my baby nephew Keith for walks and chat. She was funny and hopeful. She was an only child, raised by a single mom who loved her dearly. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you Liz and to your family.

    • Bonnie Baback

      I will never forget the Trail side killer and I believe David Joseph Carpenter is the Trail side killer. I lived on the US Coast Guard base in Petaluma, Ca at the time a young Coast Guardsmen (who was stationed at the same base as I lived) and his fiancee were killed by the Trail side killer. If he were innocent the killings would have gone on after he was convicted but they didn’t. He is exactly where he belongs and soon he’ll have to answer to his maker.

      • LaGioiella

        Actually, there have been unsolved rapes and murders from Northern to Southern California since Carpenter was incarcerated. It could very well be the work of The Golden State Killer the FBI is still looking for.

  • Karla Thomas

    For over 30 years, he has claimed that he is not a murderer. Why is that? Is it because he doesn’t want to die? He says he is such a devout Catholic and has such a great relationship with the priest? How can this man, or anyone at all, claim to be a Catholic, yet spend over 30 years without an ounce of remorse for what he did?

    He has friends? He’s well liked? So were all of the people that he killed. Consider all of the lives that were affected when those women died. All of those families are broken because of him. He can go to church all he wants, but he will never be saved. You can’t expect to be saved when you’re not sorry for the lives that you decided to take away. Whether he dies at the hands of the state or dies of old age, it doesn’t matter. He’ll spend his eternity in hell, where he belongs.

  • mpdman

    Carpenter is a cold blooded killer. He’ll be judged when he meets the Son of another carpenter…..

  • V

    I saw this man moments after he killed a couple in the woods. I identified him no problem several years later. he is the trail side killer.

  • oscar parrish

    he should be slowly squashed like a bug. he was never tried for my friend barbara’s killing but add the evidence she left and there is no doubt. she would not leave the trail so he stabbed her,and she made him cut his own hand. hospital records in sacramento ,and dna would show this. she ripped off his glasses and threw them in the brush, they were state prison issue and an unusual prescription. police found the glasses but were not bright enough to follow up on a “clue”that would have saved several lives. barbara was a great gal , i would turn the screw that squashed him if i had the chance…. oscar

  • Jason

    This article is so poorly researched and unfounded, it’s embarrassing. Know your topic before you write about–this is completely unprofessional. Carpenter had DNA evidence linking him to the women he raped and he had the murder weapon from all seven murders in his possession. There is no possibility he did not commit these crimes.

    • LaGioiella

      Have you ever watched the show DEATH ROW STORIES where law enforcement and the District Attorney persuades the county’s forensic team/coroner to fudge the official record so they can win/close the case? Ask yourself why? Could it be the police hate getting phone calls everyday from the victim’s loved ones, or for a promotion? Could it be the DA wanted to be promoted to judge for looking like a hard @$$ for sentencing folks innocent or guilty to death?

  • Mary

    I just wanted to make sure other readers took note that this article was written by a “PRISONER/Journalist”. I think the author is obviously a bit biased and is taking a very mislead and compassionate view toward a fellow prisoner that everyone else knows is a killer.

    There is no doubt David Carpenter was a killer and he is where he belongs. There was abundant evidence against him. It’s a shame he has been allowed to languish on death row, still breathing precious air while tax dollars are spent on his upkeep.

  • John F. Connelly Jr.

    During the time of these horrific murders I was the owner of the Mountain Home Inn on Mt. Tamalpais above the town of Mill Valley. Carpenter’s demented acts terrified the Mountain, adversely affected property values, and took the lives of wonderful innocent people after torturing and abusing them. Carpenter was the cause of heartbreak for many loving families.
    In addition to the lives he took he was also responsible for killing our restaurant business and forcing us into bankruptcy. There are people waiting in line to pull the switch on this despicable bastard. There is no doubt about his guilt other than in his own demented manipulative mind.

    • Bill

      Great post!

  • NoID

    While I’m not ignorant about miscarriages of justice, Carpenter doesn’t fit into that category. I’m also anti-death penalty, but if ever there was a case, it’s Carpenter. It disgusts me that he thinks anyone is stupid enough to believe his phony claim of innocence, and the world will absolutely be a better place when he is no longer a part of it. Rather than spending decades appealing, his time would have been much better spent trying to make amends — perhaps a merciful God would give him credit for truly repenting on his Judgment Day.

    • Olivia Ruiz

      I completely agree. DNA proves it. Also weird coincidence this weekend. A friend brought her new boyfriend for our weekend trip. He is Steven Haertle’s best friend since college days at UC Davis. He told me that Steven was shot in the neck left for dead, his girlfriend killed when David Carpenter attacked them on a Santa Cruz trail. Steven was a witness who identified him and led homicide detectives to Carpenter. Haertle testified in both trials and it is because of Steven that David sits on death row. I was a young child when these acts took place but I remember my father clearly stating we were never to go near these trails. David was also tied to the murder of Mary Frances Bennett from 1979 who was jogging at Lands End in SF. His DNA matched the DNA found on her. Make no mistake he is the killer. What makes me crazy sick is that I hike these beautiful trails in Mt. Tam and Lands End all the time and can’t imagine coming upon a killer like David Carpenter. These trails are the most peaceful parts of the Bay Area. My heart goes out to the victims who met their terrible fate and their families who will never get over the pain. May David rot in hell. He is a sick man.

      • LaGioiella

        San Francisco Police may have been sick of the decades of phone calls from the victim’s loved ones. Personally, I would like to see the published evidence of their findings.

        • Olivia Ruiz

          Why do you need to see the published findings when you have witnesses ? His friend even commented that David has two personallities. You have one of the victims who identified him.

          • LaGioiella

            Because of having friends who are forensic scientists that have been unsuccessfully pressured over the years by DA’s and law enforcement to have the results go a certain way when clearly it was not the truth. Also, I watch Death Row Stories and have watched wrongful convictions after decades on death row overturned due to this corruption. Who is his friend? Victims were shown pictures of him and some identified him others did not.