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Fresno’s West Side Story

Members of Southwest Fresno H.E.A.T. are raising concerns about high-density development, the displacement of longtime residents and the misallocation of funding that was intended to improve their [...] Continue Reading

Another World Is Possible

It was sometime early in June. I was attending a Brown Berets meeting. It was barely the second or third meeting I had attended. Debbie Reyes, an organizer for the Prison  Moratorium Project was also [...] Continue Reading

Grassroots Profile

I forgot to ask this month's subject, Ernesto Saavedra, if he was named after Che. Even if his parents didn't think of it, it would have been appropriate. For this Ernesto is a 24/7 organizer of [...] Continue Reading

Schlepping over the Rainbow

Tikkun Olam is an ancient Hebrew phrase for which Jewish scholars don't agree on the exact meaning-is that a surprise? But its inexact meaning is to do social justice and includes not oppressing [...] Continue Reading

Oppliger-Gate: The Saga

By Maria Telesco Frantically fishing for flaws in our [in]justice system: Eureka! I found one! OPPLIGER-GATE! Astounded, I hastened to exhume evidence of malfeasance, blogs being my main [...] Continue Reading

Fresno: How I Love Thee

Local Organizers Take on Disparities and Call to Action Oh Fresno… “I love Fresno.” This rarely leaves the lips of Fresno residents or visitors. Shame of our city hovers thickly, holding hands with [...] Continue Reading


By: Richard Stone Les Kimber says it is simple and straightforward: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. "I learned this early, from my mother's lips. I was raised in a God-fearing home, [...] Continue Reading