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Classrooms, Not Prison Cells By Daniel Treglia I’m inspired to write because of Miriam Hernandez, who wrote “Where’s the Attention to Education” in the May issue of the Community Alliance. Although [...] Continue Reading

Tired of Dirty Air? Urban Sprawl?

And so many other bad government policies? It doesn’t have to be this way. A strong majority of residents in Fresno support a wide range of progressive issues. And a plurality of registered voters in [...] Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Cities

The voting precinct map (below) illustrates why there is a gap between the political power of north and south Fresno. Voters north of Shaw Avenue are more conservative and have a much higher voter [...] Continue Reading

2010: The Massacre

The national narrative for the 2010 election is that President Barack Obama pushed his “left” agenda too aggressively and the people rebelled. Who makes up this stuff? Far from governing from the [...] Continue Reading