Stop the Hate Resolution

Stop the Hate - Be the Love
Stop the Hate - Be the Love

Stop the Hate Resolution!

We, {the name of the organization goes here}, pledge to stand up to all forms of hate, racism, bigotry, and bullying.

We will not stay silent in the face of intolerance based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, ability, country of origin, immigration status or any other factor.

We will work together with our community to create safer and more inclusive communities for all.

By making this pledge today, we promise to:

  1. Learn about what counts as a hate crime.
  1. Educate our families and friends to recognize hate crime, support the targeted person and report to the police or an appropriate third-party organization.
  1. Train our staff in hate crime awareness and recognition and create a safe and all- inclusive environment that supports equality, and good relations within and outside the workplace.
  1. Ensure that our policy procedures are effective in addressing hate crime incidents that may occur in the workplace either between employees, or against staff members or the public.
  1. Support and create activities in the community and workplace that  promote diversity, inclusion, kindness, and good relationships.
  1. Help display visual materials in public areas disapproving all forms of hate in our communities and share this information with others through leaflets, posters, and social media posts.
  1. Report to the police or send details to 559-600-CVAC if we witness, suffer, or become aware of any persons, organizations or businesses that are demonstrating hate speech .
  1. Encourage victims who have disclosed a hate crime to report it to police or a third-party organization and support them in passing any specific details wherever possible.

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