Rally in Support of a Father Arrested by ICE

Rally in Support of a Father Arrested by ICE
Dozens participated in the rally.

By Eduardo Stanley

On the cold morning of Dec. 7, dozens of people gathered to rally in support of a family whose father was arrested by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) while he was driving his children to school.

Eduardo Hernandez, 16, talks to the crowd gathered in support of his family.

The incident took place in November and was recorded by Sandra, Hugo Hernandez’s daughter. After spending a few days under arrest, Hernandez was released on a $4,500 bond.

Hugo Hernandez (left) and his wife during the rally.

Activists contend that ICE can’t act like regular police on the street, stopping cars in search of undocumented people. His attorney, Linda Barreto, pointed out that she doesn’t know why Hernandez was arrested as there wasn’t a traffic violation. “Hernandez is not an enforcement priority or a threat to our community,” she explained to media outlets covering the rally.

During the arrest, the video shows what could be some irregularities in the procedure, such as when Hernandez is pulled out of the car without his consent.

People showing support for the Hernandez family.

Hernandez now has to face an immigration judge on a future date without much possibility of getting his residence. In short, most likely he will be deported.

Hernandez’s oldest son, Eduardo, 16, and Eduardo’s sister Sandra, 15, created an organization called YOU4CHANGE, or Young Organizers United for Change, which intends to raise money to help detained people who have no family members to provide for them.


Eduardo Stanley is the editor of the Community Alliance newspaper. Contact him at editor@fresnoalliance.com.


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