Presidential Primary Election Calendar

Presidential Primary Election Calendar
  • Feb. 3: Vote-by-mail ballots in the mail
  • Feb. 4: Ballot drop boxes open
  • Feb. 17: Last day to register for this election
  • Feb. 18–March 3: Conditional Voter Registration period
  • Feb. 22: Eleven-day Vote Centers open
  • Feb. 25: Last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot
  • Feb. 29: All Vote Centers open
  • March 3: Election Day (7 a.m.–8 p.m.)
  • March 6: Last day to receive a vote-by-mail ballot postmarked no later than March 3

Source: Fresno County Registrar of Voters


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    The Community Alliance is a monthly newspaper that has been published in Fresno, California, since 1996. The purpose of the newspaper is to help build a progressive movement for social and economic justice.

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