Poetry Corner – October 2014

Poetry Corner – October 2014
Image by fr4dd via Flickr Creative Commons

Edited by Richard Stone

This month’s selections are by Wayne Warkentin, longtime peace activist, a board member of Peace Fresno for five years, an environmentalist (Sierra Club, Earth First! Save-the-Redwoods League) and an advocate for the homeless and for historic preservation. Warkentin can also often be found reading his poetry at open-mic venues around Fresno.


Ron Holly’s Cup

Do I want to drink

Ron Holly’s cup?

He would lie on the ground

day after day

passionately kissing

with one of the prettiest girls

in the school.

How I envied him then.

Then he went off to ’Nam.

I heard later that he’d

gotten sick there and died,

some kind of tropical disease.

His was a short life.

Would I want to drink Ron Holly’s cup?


Walk a Mile (for Peace Fresno)

Walk a mile for peace

Do it with a friend.

Walk a mile for peace

Do it without end.


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