Poetry Corner – November 2013

Poetry Corner – November 2013
Image by Hanibaael via Flickr Creative Commons

Edited by Richard Stone

This month’s poet is Mario Mangiello, who is unknown to us but would seem to be either homeless himself or deeply empathetic. Not the most refined poem we’ve printed, but welcome for its strength of feeling and forceful rhymes and half-rhymes.

being homeless is a challenge

looked at as a savage

society tearing down tents

the only shelter from elements

living this day and age

anyone can lose their pay

jobs are hard to find

anyone could be homeless anytime

how can people be so cruel

what happened to the golden rule

many who are on the street

are veterans forgot by u.s. elite

we are all people

we are all created equal

how can you spend so much energy

seeing homeless as your enemy

more energy should be spent uniting

than always spent fighting

people all have rights

that starts with life

the right to breathe and eat

not be forced six feet deep

lives have been forgotten

too many have turned rotten

no more helping hands

destroying needy fellow man


  • Mike Rhodes

    Mike Rhodes is the executive director of the Community Alliance, was the editor of this newspaper from 1998 to 2014 and the author of several books. Contact him at mikerhodes@fresnoalliance.com.

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