November 2001

November 2001

Table of Contents

Page 1 Collage of Photos by George Ballis

Page 2 Doing Democracy Author by Richard Stone

Page 2  Greens Gather by Jeff Eisinger

Page 2 Credit Union Banks Community by John Rouse

Page 3 Over 150 of us marched for immigration reform by Mike Rhodes

Page 4 & 5 Gap 19 Win Amazing Victory for Free Speech by Mike Rhodes

Page 6  Letters to the Editor

Page 6 Positively Healthy at the Living Room

Page 7  Web Sites of Progressive Groups

Page 8 Win Human Rights! The Sheepherder Story by Chris Schneider

Page 8  Citizen’s police review unit by Ellie Bluestein

Page 9 Progressive Groups in the Fresno Area

Page 10 The death of Abdo Lli Ahmed by Iso Fujimoto

Page 11 Remember Fresno State Police State by Catherine Campbell

Page 12 & 13 Fresno Peace Activists by Mike Rhodes

Page 14 Five Lies about the Military Industrial Complex’s War

Page 15 – 19 Invisible no more by Scott Moore and photos by George Ballis

Page 20 & 21 November events

Page 22 The Fresno Center For Nonviolence Sponsored Page

Page 23 Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Sponsored Page

Page 24 Reel Pride

Page 24 KFCF 88.1 FM Annual Banquet


  • Richard Stone

    Richard Stone was a member of the Community Alliance newspaper Editorial Board. He wrote a series of articles about activists in Fresno, "Hidden in Plain Sight, Profiles of Fresno's Unsung Progressive Activists.

  • Mike Rhodes

    Mike Rhodes is the executive director of theCommunity Alliance newspaper and author of the book Dispatches from the War Zone, about homelessness in Fresno. is his website. Contact him at

  • Chris Schneider

    Chris Schneider is a labor and civil rights attorney. His previous work with the United Farm Workers of America, California Rural Legal Assistance, Central California Legal Services and the Agricultural Labor Relations Board provides him insight into California farm labor history. Contact him at

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