December 2001

December 2001

Table of Contents

Page 1 – 2002 Wish List

Page 2 Indymedia by Peter Hudson

Page 2 Fresno Police Chief: a Police Review Commission is”is inevitable” by Greg Fletcher

Page 3 & 4 Free Speech Won (The Gap) by Mike Rhodes and Bob Fischer

Page 5 Central Valley Cultural Exchange Festival

Page 6 & 7 Disabled activist killed on Fresno street by Ed Eames

Page 8 & 9 Fresno peace with justice movement grows by Peter Hudson

Page 10 Project S.A.F.E. by Celeste Cooke

Page 11 Why Have A Death Penalty Moratorium? by Maria Telesco

Page 12 Feds Recognize Green Party by Jeffrey Eisinger

Page 12 Fair Trade Coffee

Page 13 December Events

Page 14 The Fresno Center For Nonviolence Sponsored Page

Page 15 Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Sponsored Page

Page 16 Is it Twiddledum or Twiddledee for DA


  • Mike Rhodes

    Mike Rhodes is the executive director of the Community Alliance, was the editor of this newspaper from 1998 to 2014 and the author of several books. Contact him at

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