Letters to the Editor – April 2016

Letters to the Editor – April 2016
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Abbott’s Story

By Richard Stone

I want to thank the editors of the Alliance for including my piece “Abbott’s Story” in the March edition. However, it was missing two important pieces of context.

1) The piece is entirely fictional. It is based (in some ways closely) on my direct connection with the mother of a well-publicized real-life murderer, and on insights gained by my work with inmates at a nearby state prison (many guilty of murder). But, the inner narrative of Daniels’ experiences and thoughts relies as much on Poe and Dostoyevsky as on actual events.

2) What was printed is a brief excerpt from a 30, 000 word manuscript that attempts to place this kind of violence in a 360 degree perspective. It implicates family, social institutions, the judicial system and the media in the making of “the story”. I believe this is an important understanding and I invite anyone who’d like to see the whole manuscript to contact me (richard2662559@yahoo.com) and arrange to see it. By the way, I think it also makes for good reading.

Let us know what you think.

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