From the Editor – April 2016

From the Editor – April 2016

By Hannah Brandt

We are overwhelmed by your generosity during our fundraising drive this spring! Thanks to you we were able to print not only the March edition, but this April issue, as well. We now have enough funds to print the paper for a few months. We will need your ongoing support to continue to bring you the news, information, analysis and opinion pieces you count on. The vast majority of our costs at Community Alliance every month go to printing the newspaper.

I have been fortunate these past few months to speak to several vital Valley organizations. In December, I had the pleasure to speak to the Unitarian Universalist church where we will hold our fundraiser on April 16 from 5-7 PM. In February and March, I spoke to the Fresno Partnership, the Central Labor Council, and at the Reedley Peace Center. I have appreciated getting to know so many dedicated organizers and advocates in the Central Valley after living out of the area until recently.

Many of the people involved with the paper are volunteers. We value all the people who contribute articles, letters to the editor, calendar events, and/or their time distributing papers. We also are grateful to the many businesses who stock the newspaper on site and those organizations who advertise in Community Alliance.

I want to recognize our regular columnists, George Kauffman, Ruth Gadebusch, Tom Frantz, Boston Woodard, and Tiffany Potter who bring their thoughtful reflections on science and the environment, politics, education, mass incarceration, activism and much more to our publication every month.

We continue to improve our website, as well. Our layout designer and webmaster, Joel Perez consistently rolls out new features. Please bear with us as we work to develop our online access. Look out for some fun new options. As with anything else, it takes time to work out the glitches and determine best practices.

Similarly, I appreciate everyone’s patience as I have been learning to do the work of editor. It has been an exciting challenge. As I have mentioned before, I was not a journalism student and never worked at a newspaper before this one. Everything I have done so far I have learned through trial and error and the kindness of those who have been involved with the paper for many years. That includes former editors Mike Rhodes and Ernesto Saavedra.

I want to thank Camille Russell, Bev Fitzpatrick, Pam Whalen, Vic Bedoian, and Dan Yaseen for working so tirelessly on our fundraising and on other endeavors for the newspaper.

I hope we will see you all April 16 for Community Alliance: the Next Generation! Please see our flyer on the back page of this issue for more details.

Thank you to our thoughtful donors in March!

Generous individuals at the Unitarian Universalist Church

Ron Vineyard

Carole Laval

Betsy Temple

Patricia Costello

Peggy Davis

Virginia Milne

Gail Newell

Vie Rhodes

Jan & David Roy

Radley & John Reep

Betty Sempadian

Cindy Calvert

Jefferson Beavers

Jean Hayes

Ann Williamson

Lloyd Carter

Mark Arax

Allen Linscheid

Genie Baranoff

Ann Fadenrecht

Joy Chittick

Mike & Diana Decker

Jeffrey Hallock

Dave Khehbiel

Richard Stone

Betty Kallo

Judith Parker

Bob McCloskey

Linda Tubach

Allen & Debra Westhaven- Church

Pat Sigala

Stephen Barile

Jeni-Ann Kren

Brian& Edie Jessup

Mary Hetherington

Marc Lasher

Chanah Crossman

Spenser Abe

Jack Erickson

Dr. & Mrs. George Kauffman

Joanne Anderson

Don Friesen

Victor Kral

Loretta Kensinger

Karen Humphrey & Ken Clarke

Penny Smith

Dr. K.O. Crosby, DDS

Jeff Eisinger

Kay Pitts

Jane Worsley

Greg & Thulie Fletcher

Mary Ann Quann

Belinda Guerrero

Coke Hallowell

Ed Estes

Jeff Giocalone

Catherine Ratmeyer

Cherylyn Smith

Edith Frederick

Saul Esquivel

Joann McCarthy

George Madrid

Bruce Jewell

Mary Betteschild

Barbara Hormann

Cart Duncan

Alexardros R. Acedo

David Alegere

Myra Coble

Joe A Garcia

Allen Beck

Carolyn Murphy

Walter Shubin

Barbara Thomas

Merrily Davies

Steve Malm

Alfonso C. Hernandez

Sara Hedgpeth-Harris

Howard and Christine Watkins

(Please let us know we left you off the list and we will mention you next month)


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