Letters to the Editor


More on Clovis

Regarding “Clovis Is Not in Compliance with Housing Laws” (May 2023 issue):

It’s amazing that a town with that many churches has so little charity, compassion, goodwill toward their fellow man or Christian principles in general. Anders [in a June 2023 letter to the editor] perfectly demonstrates the “Clovis way of life.”

Nick Harbison


Bullying at Schools

Regarding “Racism Is a Virus” (June 2023 issue):

My daughter went through the same thing. It’s the adults in control that keep allowing this type of behavior to exist because of understaffing, the fear of being labeled as a whistleblower, and being retaliated against by other staff members and school board leaders.

Society has made wrong things right and right things wrong. Believe me, there are many educators that will turn a blind eye in the public education system when it comes to bullying and racism. It’s terrible in Fresno, especially when dark-skinned folks are involved.

I really do have more to say and suggest different types of solutions, but the system is not set up to create successful children but only to make good workers.

Robinson Wana

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