Letters to the Editor — November 2018


Nunes Sends Out Hit Piece on Local Newspaper

Nunes was stung by the Fresno Bee
And he wanted revenge very badly
But since he had no stinger
He could only point his finger.

Nunes slandered Andrew Janz
In forty pages for his fans—
Still, he’ll never get my vote
’Cuz this can only get my goat.

Nunes declares facts are a lie
And this just leaves me wondering why
When the truth fits better
Down to the last letter.

Nunes may be head of Intelligence
But what he says still makes no sense.
Sort the truth out from the lies!
Vote for Janz and organize!

Eve Primack

Community Activism an Eye-Opener

Get uncomfortable and make history.

It has only been a month since I’ve been a community organizer and canvasser for Valley Forward, a local voter education program, and I must say I have learned so much about my neighboring communities. The most common concern I have received is that residents are disappointed or skeptical in their government and that residents are unaware or unsure of who their representatives are.

How does this impact our communities? Well, if people are disappointed or skeptical in their government or are not even aware of who represents them, then there is a lack of engagement among the residents of the Central Valley. When there is  a lack of engagement, there is a lack of voices that represent them.

We have to remember that the Central Valley is comprised of the working class who work hard each and every day to live a fulfilling, healthy life. When we elect government officials, by not voting, then our communities will not be represented in the ways that they would if we did vote, it is that simple.

It is no secret that the whole nation is divided right now, which is why it is crucial for each and every one of us to go out and vote this November. This is the time for our voices to be heard! This is the time for us to step out of our comfort zones and do something that will make history.

Our actions say more than our words ever could, and we must let our actions speak loud and proud.

Sandra Villalobos

Violence at Pittsburgh Synagogue

We are going through difficult times in this nation. Hate and gun violence are on the rise. Ultra-conservative ideology propagated by extremist groups has contributed to intolerance, violence, and hate.

This horrific tragedy in Pittsburgh is reminiscent of some previous fatal shootings at houses of worship in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas and has shaken all of us. It is the result of a climate of intolerance and extremism.

My heart goes out to those innocent souls and their loved ones that are all victims of this senseless violence. The violence taking place at a house of worship is an alarming trend, as it disturbs both personal and community peace. It is a desecration of a sacred place where people go to worship and seek guidance and inner peace.

Will armed guards at the houses of worship solve the problem? I doubt it very much.

Let us disarm hate by personal example and by community peacebuilding efforts. Let us support candidates who reject violence and stand up to the gun lobbying during this election cycle.

Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor


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