Letters to the Editor


Housing Costs

With higher housing costs drawing speculators to the local housing market, why can’t we have an immediate primary residential limit on all future single-family housing sales? That could be expanded to requiring the existing single-family homes to be offered to current residents’ lease-purchase contracts at the current lease rate for fair market purchase prices. That would offer equity and eventual ownership of local primary residences.

Maia Ballis,

Drought, Water and Waterless Urinals 

Facing climate change probabilities of prolonged drought, it is time for hard decisions about water use we have taken for granted. Waterless urinals are available.

In 1983 at SunMt, we demonstrated an early low flush toilet and the first legal composting toilet, and we demonstrated drought-tolerant gardens.

Given the inability of our population to reduce water consumption in California, is it time to stop new swimming pool construction? That restriction would admit a probable future but could be reversed later if the current trend changes.

We need research/development into waterless human waste disposal and affordable seawater desalination systems.

Maia Ballis

Thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Monologues 

To paraphrase Dave Chappelle, we are all birthed by a woman, not by a trans woman. I would say that trans women are psychologically women, but not biologically women. I will recognize trans women as women, but in my objective mind, I know that their DNA does not indicate that they are women.

Chappelle said that “gender is a fact.” Chappelle is using comedy to engage America in a national conversation pertaining to social and political issues.

Chappelle indicated that he is on the team “Team TERF” in which he aligns himself with author J.K. Rowling. This acronym means a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. This is an identifier for people who argue that an individual’s gender identity is fixed at birth.

This acronym used by a transgender activist in their terminology may cause some confusion for some. Chappelle should have said that he is on the team “Gender is a Fact.”

I would also say that Chapelle is not transphobic. He is using his comedic platform to normalize trans people by telling jokes about them and getting his audience to discuss issues pertaining to them.

If you know anything about Chapelle’s career, you know that he attacks all races, genders, ideologies and social standings, using his comedic platform to criticize, philosophize and educate.  

  In closing, I am also on the team “Gender is a Fact”!

 Homer Gee Greene Jr.


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