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Ceres Paper Trump-Focused

The quaint, culturally deficient municipality of Ceres in Stanislaus County is the unfortunate home of what could well be the worst weekly newspaper in America—the Ceres Courier—the malodorous stench of which is stunting the city of Ceres’ intellectual and emotional growth, if not its population growth.

What a pathetic pile of Trumptarded trash trying to pass as a newspaper. The craptastic Ceres Courier, laughably ludicrous in almost every respect, shows a complete lack of respect for the people of the city of Ceres and Stanislaus County by continuing to employ a full-blown fascist, racist homophobe named Jeff Benziger as its incompetent idiot of an editor whose personal pet peeve is Mexican taco trucks.

Bigoted Benziger is a real piece of White supremacist work, to say the least, and the Ceres Courier is his work. So sad! Benziger has been whining, crying, yelling and screaming in print ever since career criminal conservative cult leader Donald “The Traitor” Trump got his 215-pound Putin’s puppet backside tossed out of office by the majority of America’s voters in a landslide in both the popular vote and Electoral College back in November 2020. Get over it, snowflake!

It’s almost three years later, and neither Ceres Courier Editor Benziger nor his prison-bound Dear Leader Donald Trump are emotionally capable of accepting reality. Joe Biden is President, and Vladimir Putin’s bought-and-paid-for puppet Trump is not. Get over it already, you hateful hillbillies—You lost! And deranged Donald Trump is guilty as hell! Trump is 100% guilty!

Trump will be a convicted felon before the next election, and President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be reelected easily in 2024, especially if Trump runs again (whether from a prison cell or house arrest at Mar-a-Lago). You can take that to the bank. Biden-Harris will win again. Donald Trump is done, son. God bless America!

Jake Pickering


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