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For a Taxpayers Revolt

Israel’s retaliation on Gaza for the horrific Hamas attack of Oct. 7 has devastated its civilian population and infrastructure. It has continued unabated for almost six months.

All this time, the United States has continued to provide generous military aid to the hawkish regime of Prime Minister Netanyahu. After watching increasing public opposition to the war, which included a massive drop in political support for his reelection, President Biden is softly backpedaling with calls for a ceasefire, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called upon the Israeli people to replace their prime minister. Weak rhetoric that only produced an arrogant response from Premier Netanyahu.

Yet, the one obvious action that can stop Israel in its tracks is not even in consideration: The United States continues to provide massive military aid to Israel.

I am reminded of the 1960s when Americans from all social classes started to question the prolonged war in Vietnam in which the United States had engaged since the end of World War II. I recall the Peace Movement, the anti-establishment furor, the draft and the burning of draft cards, the massive student unrest, the Free Speech Movement and the decision of President Johnson not to seek another term. Leaders at all levels of society joined the masses. The clergy, athletes, social and political activists, doctors and ever so many celebrities.

In that same spirit, we need to elevate our street-corner protests for a ceasefire in Gaza and demand the withdrawal of all taxpayer-funded support to Israel, the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid. But how do we translate our demand to action?

Here is a thought: Just as the young people of the Vietnam War era burned their draft cards, resisted conscription and suffered imprisonment, we, the U.S. taxpayers, could demonstrate our views by withholding a percentage of our federal taxes. That would be a clear message that we do not want our taxes to support the Israeli War that is murdering Palestinians and devastating their homeland.

Yez Kaoosji


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