#IVoteBecause or #IDoNotVoteBecause

#IVoteBecause or #IDoNotVoteBecause

We asked you on our social media pages to tell us why you do or do not vote in national, state, and local elections. We asked if you do not vote to tell us what, if anything, would get you to do so.

We asked you, if you liked, to send us a video or photo response holding a sign with one of the hashtags above. You may have responded on our Facebook page (Community Alliance Newspaper), Twitter (@FresnoAlliance) or Instagram pages (@fresnoalliance) or emailed us at editor@fresnoalliance.com

We asked you to keep your response to 100 words or less and to keep the language clean. We said we would pick a few to profile on our website fresnoalliance.com after the polls closed on Election Night and in our December edition. #559Votes#Election2016

Here is what you told us… Thank you to all who participated!

#IVoteBecause people fought and died for my right to do so, and I invalidate my right to be included in the system when I refuse to participate. My voice is the voice that represents me and I refuse to give that power away. I am the change that I want to see in the world.” Labeebah Hasan via Facebook

#IVoteBecause my great grandmother and grandmother could NOT vote until 1920. I vote because men and women fought for my Right to Vote, I vote for my Grandchildren and all those I have not yet met. I vote for HOPE and a more Progressive and Inclusive America…. because I can, I vote for those not yet eligible. Today is a historic turnout across the country…” Susan McCall Carrasco via Facebook

#IVoteBecause my voice counts! And if I do not vote, I cannot complain because I didn’t participate in the decision. I hate when I don’t agree but I didn’t do anything to make changes! I want to know, to be able to say, that I used my right and voted!! I want to help change the world to be a better place and if I stay quiet then “my part” was rolling over and giving my voice to something/someone I don’t agree with. Screw that.” Elizabeth Ann via Instagram

#IVoteBecause Hillary! I have a family. It is irresponsible and reckless to not vote when you have the ability to do so. Of course, I would have loved Bernie just as much as I would’ve loved Noam Chomsky but the reality is that they’re not in the race. A third party vote (I voted with my heart) is a waste of a perfectly good vote and is a vote for Trump.” Boesamchil via Instagram

“#IVoteBecause I can and my vote DOES matter.” Amy Ramos via Instagram

#IVoteBecause it’s about more than my needs. It’s my job as a citizen to look at the collective, find the holes in representation, and fill them to offer opportunities. And make sure human rights are covered. Stations in life aren’t fixed. And it’s easier to fall down than move up. So: fix, heal, and inspire hope for future generations. I vote because it’s my right and my duty.” Jessica Hannan via Instagram

#IVoteBecause it is my responsibility as an American citizen living in this democracy. #IVoteProgressive because I am an American living in a democracy and believe we should take care of each other.” Luvlyritametermaid via Instagram


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