Hillary Clinton & Remembering MLK Jr’s Legacy

Hillary Clinton & Remembering MLK Jr’s Legacy
Hillary Clinton at Rally 55. Image by Keith Kissel via Flickr Creative Commons.

By Patricia Brown

I’m Pat Brown, a volunteer for Hillary for America Fresno and it’s a privilege to be here today because I believe Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, President Obama is the dream and Secretary Clinton completes the dream–the dream of gender equality.

Why am I supporting Hillary Clinton? Years ago, I was the only woman with 35 men who graduated from fire academy licensed to drive a fire engine. But a week later, when I got my first call to a fire, my boss refused to let me go, saying “Just like blacks like watermelon, women like paperwork!” You better believe he didn’t say “black,” but the “n word.” It was humiliating while I stood there and watched the men march to the top of the hill and put out that fire. It was the first day of my new job, and, luckily, the next day he retired; but I learned then that we have long way to go to stand up for the equality for which Rev. King gave up his life. The reason why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton is because I don’t want my teenage daughter to feel that humiliation, that injustice or hear that racism. I care about advancing women and girls and Hillary Clinton is an incredible role model.

Rep. John Lewis, the great Civil Rights icon who marched with King, was King’s friend, was here in Fresno last summer–one degree of separation from King! Many of us got to meet him. He has endorsed Hillary. As a teenager, Hillary heard King speak–one degree of separation from King! John Lewis told us not to be taillights, but to get out and be headlights in our lives, in the political arena. This is the most important election of my life. The stakes are high- -we’ve heard all the racism and sexism out of the opposition that any of us can bear. We’ve seen the hatred against Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, Sikhs, the LBGT community and yes, against women. Against one woman, against Hillary Clinton. Peace Fresno has a sign here today that asks, “What would MLK do?” Be a headlight, Lewis told us. John Lewis–King’s friend–tells us what would MLK Jr. do: get out to vote, get out to vote for Hillary Clinton! Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, President Obama is the dream and Secretary Clinton completes the dream! Thank you.


Patricia Brown is an Attorney at Law and Certified Mediator, serving the Central San Joaquin Valley for over 20 years with custom-designed advocacy for custom-designed families. Contact her at P.O. Box 344, Clovis, CA 93613 or (559) 252-9551.


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