From the Editor: September 2019

From the Editor: September 2019

Dear Reader,

This Labor Day brings exciting achievements for working-class people who are on the cusp of winning their union, and others already unionized who, through the power of their unity, have achieved great successes in this last year alone. In California, the strong energy of a united labor front has been felt in the streets of Los Angeles, Oakland and our very own Fresno and beyond as workers have stood up, fought back and won.

But the fight is nowhere near settled on the streets. Workers must also gather in the halls of every level of government body to ensure our voice is heard.

Most recently, in Fresno, there was little to no standing room on the third floor of the Hall of Records as home care workers were forced to shut down the Board of Supervisors meeting to remind our elected officials why they’re voted in by the people. Home care workers were backed by our community, including longtime civil rights activist and labor leader Dolores Huerta, who was arrested along with seven others.

We have a renewed sense of hope when we see such figures, who have dedicated their lives to social justice, continue to help achieve so much for so many. Such bold actions are a perfect testament of why we are able to celebrate Labor Day in 2019.

-Elsa Mejia


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