Fresno Center for Nonviolence – November 2020

Fresno Center for Nonviolence – November 2020

We honor and celebrate the 150th year (2019-2020) of Gandhi’s birth the principles of peace and nonviolence sustained by those who are a part of the global struggle for freedom and justice.

Currently CLOSED until further notice regarding the Corona virus Pandemic. We miss you already.


1584 N. Van Ness Ave., 93728 – – email:

The man behind the curtain

Worried about what will happen on the National stage with a victory by one of the Corporate Presidential candidates? Don’t be! It’s a sick sad nightmare trying to psych you out like 9/11. Keep calm keep cool, it’s all a Propagandist wet dream to drive you mad or scared. Propaganda has two functions, one to frighten you, make you feel uncomfortable and do something you would normally not do so others can take advantage of you. First rule of modern war is “Don’t fight if you can achieve your objectives” or get what you want without it. Two, make someone else look good like the “Greatest Generation.” Nazi propaganda made the Germanic citizens believe they were unbeatable. Nazism looked so successful and better than anyone else’s that others would enjoy being liberated by the Nazi’s or Romans or Americans troops et al. plus encourage foreign countries to join their glorious path to greatness. The Nazi defeat allowed the winners to claim how greater they were in defeating this powerhouse of an enemy, obviously God was on their side. Currently propaganda has been incorporated by our ridiculous educational system with Television injected into our culture like a disease, the greatest tool every created for propaganda. The early years of the History Channel was a salute to Hitler and Nazism for what seemed like years. Yet in America, for over 75 years later the Nazi’s are the greatest enemy for us to beat up on. We continue to use the terms of Nazi’s in politics, cartoon, cinema, TV, baking contests and even being aligned with Communism, the exact opposite of Nazism. That’s why the aristocracy in the United States and Western Europe initially supported Nazism. Communism exposed the weakness in capitalism and monarchism and for 100 years needs to be stopped or capitalism will fall. Oops, well some of this sounds familiar today but we need no war to resolve this propaganda madness. Just a little common sense and social activism. It will be up to us, or whoever is left, maybe the next generation to become the greatest. Well at least if it survives it will be a lot better than this one. Happy Holidays folks. Hope to see you on the other side of 2021. – Richard Gomez

KFCF 88.1 FM Wednesday November 11th at 3 pm.

November’s show will be hosted by Josh Shurley and his guest, VFP national board member, Miles Megaciph. He is a US Marine Corps veteran, social justice advocate and hip-hop performer. They will discuss the legacy of Armistice Day (Veteran’s Day), veterans’ issues, and our role in today’s peace and justice movement. This will not be a call-in show because of Covid-19.  However, the show is recorded, and a link created that will be sent to the Center’s list-serv and anybody else who requests it. For more information, you can call the Center for Nonviolence at 559-237-3223 – though the Center is still closed right now, they are picking up messages left on their phone.Last month’s show was shown at a different day and time. Hosted by Angela Price with her guest Michael Black Bull, one of the Center’s Board members and previously taught for many years American Indian Studies at Fresno City College. They discussed what has been happening in the Native American community.  To hear it the go to this link:

Holiday Message from the Fresno Center for Nonviolence

The Fresno Center for Nonviolence will be closed for the Holidays. We will let you know when we will be opened again but until then please take the time to enjoy this (eeehhh,) lovely time of year. Please remember those young and old who are homeless, friendless and in need of a little compassion at this time of year. Remember us in your year-end tax-deductible donations to help keep us going in these times. So much appreciated.We at the Fresno Center for Nonviolence would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday. Let’s face it, we deserve one, right? This year we have had to say goodbye to friends and loved one but hope you are fortunate to have said hello to new folks who came to our lives. The only thing we can be sure of is that no matter how much change happens, that it always remains the same. So, Keep on Truckin’… Who knows, maybe the best is yet to be. Happy Holidays from the friendly folks of the Fresno Center for Nonviolence.


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