Film Review: Mr. Malcolm’s List

Film Review: Mr. Malcolm’s List
Poster of the movie Mr. Malcolm’s List.

Mr. Malcolm’s List is a love story in the genre of the Bridgerton series. I really liked the portrayal of a multiracial 19th century England without the stench of White supremacy, White racism and White skin privilege.

There were class distinctions, but women could marry into any class. There was some class prejudice, but love conquers all class prejudices in the telling of this love story.

I liked the themes of having dreams and pursuing them, development of character, jealousy, parental love and male and female friendships. Race never played a part in any of the relationships, hence telling a story that is completely foreign to an American audience.

The movie had a fairy-tale ending in which all the personalities found love either within their class or outside of their class. Mr. Malcolm’s mother had a pivotal role in keeping the love of her son and the object of his desire from falling apart. She also personified a regal presence when she entered into the narrative.

Mr. Malcolm’s personal list is a metaphor of the shields we put up to protect ourselves from decisions we have to make that are life altering.

I really liked the artwork that appears at the end of the movie during the scrolling of the individuals who participated in the making of the movie. The art outlined the futures of all the characters in the telling of this delightful cinematic narrative.

I highly recommend this movie. It is definitely a date night movie!


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