The State of Funding for California’s Public Schools

  By Barbara Thomas, District #3 Trustee Fresno County Board of Education  California cannot expect to compete in the global economy when it fails so miserably...

FTA Attempts Public Forum for Bargaining, FUSD Refuses It

By Hannah Brandt On Thursday, September 29, just days after the October edition of Community Alliance was published, I attended the public bargaining meeting for...

First Muslim Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Ahmed H. Zewail Dies at 70

  By George B. Kauffman Professor Ahmed Hassan Zewail of Caltech died unexpectedly on Tuesday, August 7 in Pasadena, California at the age of 70. He...

Mediator Mentors and the Bigger Picture of Restorative Justice in Our Schools

By Amanda Tripp “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world” -Malala Yousafzai In recent years we have become frustrated and...

“In The Struggle” Scholars Speakers Series at Reedley Peace Center

By Daniel O’Connell While the San Joaquin Valley is renowned for its labor history and community organizing heritage, less well known is the work scholars...



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Fresno PD | The Most Dangerous Police Force in America?

By Kayla Moon An activist by the name of John Lang appears to have recently been murdered – his death part of a much...

Homeless in Cuba? Not Likely

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